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Renting an apartment can be an overwhelming task for many. From choosing a location to finding the best available deals, there are many variables to think through as you begin your search. However, with the right knowledge and with access to helpful resources, it is possible to avoid much of the stress normally associated with renting… more

Right in the heart of downtown Tulsa you will find an apartment community that offers a view that can’t be beat. The Metro at Brady apartments were built in close proximity to Tulsa’s developing downtown scene, offering renters close access to the cities best restaurants and nightlife.… more

Are you close to your pet? Can’t imagine life in an apartment without your furry friend? You’re not alone. It has become increasingly common for apartment renters to have a pet join them when they move into a new apartment. Because of this, many apartment communities have developed pet-friendly environments that offer amenities for both you and your pet.… more

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