game night

3 Tips for Hosting a Successful Game Night

Game night is a great way to socialize with your friends without having to leave your apartment! Here are three tips to ensure everyone has a great time.

Consider Your Guest List

The size of your apartment will determine how many people you can invite and the types of games you can play. Be realistic about the limitations of your space.  Just one person too many could tip the balance from comfortable to crowded. Stick to a guest list of four to six people when hosting in your apartment.

Competition doesn’t bring out the best in everyone, especially when alcohol is involved. Invite people who are already friendly and comfortable with each other instead of using game night to introduce new friends.

If your heart is set on throwing a game tournament with a more sizeable guest list, ask your apartment manager about common entertainment spaces available to renters within your community!

Themed Game Night

Themed game nights are becoming increasingly popular. They’re also the easiest to plan! Here are a few to consider:

  • Casino Nights: All you need for a successful casino night is a deck of cards and a table large enough for all of your guests. Keep things simple with beer and poker, or go all out with sophisticated cocktails and a speakeasy dress code.
  • Childhood Favorites: Assemble a variety of classic children’s games, or ask your guests to bring their favorites. Make bite size portions of kid’s meal options like cheeseburgers, pigs in a blanket, or mac and cheese to carry the theme over to your menu. A colorful candy buffet can serve as desert and fun décor!
  • Old-Fashioned Bridge Party: If you don’t know how to play bridge, invite someone who does and is willing to teach you and your friends. Set up a buffet of light finger sandwiches, charcuterie, and assorted cookies with lemonade, tea, and coffee to keep your food on theme. Have a bottle of rum or other alcohol on hand for guests who want to add a little kick to their drink.
  • As Seen on TV: Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and countless other game shows have at home and online versions available. Split into teams so everyone can play at once. Or, hold a tournament and take turns playing games with a limited number of contestants. Serve snack foods like chips with dips, hot wings, and fruit and veggie trays to satisfy everyone’s appetites.

Pregame Prep

Get everything in order before game night starts, so you’re free to play along. Make sure all your board games are intact and no pieces are missing. Gather pens, paper, playing cards, and any other necessities in one place so they’re ready when you need them. If you’re crafty, DIY a trophy for the winner to take home.

Choose menu items you can make ahead instead of food that will need your attention throughout the night. Make sure you have enough seating for everyone on your guest list. Finally, make sure there’s a plan in place so guests who’ve been drinking can get home safely.

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