3 Ways To Be A Good Apartment Neighbor

Having a good relationship with other apartment renters can go a long way in enhancing your overall living experience. Choosing to be friendly to the other residents will help to create a peaceful atmosphere at your apartment community. Here are some quick tips to stay on your neighbors good side.

Be Respectful

In order to ensure you remain respectful to those renting apartments around you it is important to keep the level of sound coming from your apartment at a minimum. Playing loud music, stomping on the floors or other noisy activities can prove to be highly distracting to your neighbors.

Keep the sound levels down and make sure to ask your neighbors permission if you are planning on having a few people over and you know that it will be a little bit more noisy than normal.

Be Friendly

Friendliness is something that should not be overlooked when dealing with apartment neighbors. Saying a simple “hello” or “how are you” as you pass by your neighbor will help to break the ice, along with creating an environment that is easy to live in for everyone in the complex.

While friendliness is not a requirement, a smile can go a long way in helping to make your neighbors day.

Be Clean

Keeping your apartment space clean is a good way to show your neighbors respect. Avoid letting trash pile up that creates a smell that your neighbors could be exposed to. If there is trash outside of your apartment or by your door, make sure to remove it to create a clean looking environment for your neighbors to walk through.

Many apartment communities contain a lot of apartment homes confined to a smaller space.  Keeping your apartment home clean will often have an effect on the overall space, and is a good way to show some extra respect to the person that lives next door to you.