8 Amazing Apartment Amenities

8 Amazing Apartment Amenities

Living in an apartment can be an unforgettable¬†experience. Whether it’s a downtown loft in walking distance to nightlife or a secluded town home on a peaceful suburban street, apartment living has something for everyone. Finding an apartment community that feels like home can be easier than you think. Some of the best perks to living in a community like this are the apartment amenities that a community will offer, making it feel more like home. Below are some of the most popular and most appealing amenities offered at apartments around the country.


Computer Café

Work from home? Or maybe, you’re the gaming type and you need a reliable internet connection. In most apartment communities you can find an “Internet Cafe”, or a lounge specifically dedicated for computer use. These designated computer areas are vital for anyone with business needs or those who require internet access.



What’s more refreshing than sitting pool side on a hot summer day? Having a pool at your apartment community provides a relaxing option that can prove to be the perfect activity on a hot day. Pools are a commonly offered amenities in most communities.


Dog Park

If you are a dog lover, this amenity is one that you can’t pass up. Although not all apartment communities have one, dog parks can be found if you do your research. Having a designated space for your furry friend to run around and play will prove to be a useful addition to apartment community living.


Walking Path

Having a path to walk-on around your apartment complex is an amenity that shouldn’t be undervalued. Whether you are taking your pet on a walk or you need a space for a morning run, having a walking path is a useful addition that you will be able to find at most apartment communities.


Exercise Room

Gym memberships can be expensive. Why not save time and money by utilizing the space that most apartment communities provide for exercise? Apartment gyms are often times underused by tenants, yet remain an easily-accessible option for those who are interested in convenience.


Grilling Area

Burgers and hot dogs anyone? Step outside and enjoy some outdoor grilling / lounge areas that can be found at many apartment communities around the country. These areas are typically first-come-first-serve and can be used by any renter in an apartment community.


Basketball Court

Another great way to get exercise is to play a few pickup games of basketball. Some apartment communities offer outdoor basketball courts for renters to enjoy. This is a great way to get to know other renters in your apartment community.


Rooftop Lounge

It’s not as common as some of the other amenities on this list but it’s definitely an add-on that can be found if you are looking hard enough. A rooftop lounge offers a unique, birds-eye perspective on the town. Having a spot to read and unwind from a long day can be a nice apartment perk that can’t be found in any other style of living.

Most apartments now offer a variety of amenities that can be found on this list. Having a few “extras” at your apartment can make a world of difference in livability. Make sure to do diligent research before settling on apartment community. This will ensure that you will find a space that will best accommodate your lifestyle. For more helpful apartment tips and resources, head over to apartmentmagz.com!