Apartment Magz – What We’re All About

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Apartment Magz has always had a simple mission: To help consumers find their perfect home. In an age where searching for an apartment can be a difficult and time-consuming task, Apartment Magz offers the tools and resources that make apartment shopping quick, easy and even enjoyable. Apartment Magz combines an accessible website with a sleek, modern print magazine to offer some of the most appealing apartment listings in major markets around the United States. With over 25 years of experience growing successful apartment publications, our team is dedicated to providing consumers with an exceptional apartment shopping experience.

A Modern Print Publication In The Digital Age

It’s hard to deny that the digital space offers the average consumer a good venue for information, although in many ways we believe print is more compelling than it’s ever been. At Apartment Magz, we’re satisfying the continued demand for print in the market space. The construction of our print magazine has a unique, appealing architecture that allows our readers to genuinely connect with the content we produce. A print publication has the ability to grab a hold of a reader’s attention in ways that digital copy often cannot. And, with such an accumulation of content migrating to the digital space, there is now a clear vacancy to be taken advantage of in the world of print.

Powerful, Widespread Distribution 

Apartment Magz distributes to areas where consumers have been finding information for decades. You can find our print products in traditional outlets and at retail stores and locations across the country. This widespread distribution allows Apartment Magz to reach a broad audience of potential renters, and with our highly engaged readership in local spaces, we offer a more targeted approach for communities to reach consumers in their markets. Our print publication is in stores in over 15 major markets around the United States. Apartment Magz remains committed to distributing quality and relevant print publications and digital listings for consumers seeking an easy way to find they’re new apartment.

Online And Mobile Accessibility

While we remain devoted to our print publication, we also recognize the scope of potential that exists online, and we are taking advantage of it. With our intuitive website we make searching for apartments straightforward and satisfying. The Apartment Magz online platform is 100 percent mobile friendly to optimize performance as mobile traffic grows, and with website analytics, we can prove our Ad results. Our content will always provide up to date information on listings for our consumers. Apartment Magz is also featured on MobileMagz.com, the online library for all free publications. Consumers can download a digital issue by text, QR code, or visiting MobileMagz.com.

Apartment Magz premier service both online and in print is what sets us apart. Our “all of the above” strategy is why we can proudly say that we offer the best consumer resource for apartment shopping. Our core values inspire our work and underscore our dedication to our advertisers and our readers and we strongly believe that we offer the best resources to help you find your perfect home.