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Pet Policy

Are you close to your pet? Can’t imagine life in an apartment without your furry friend? You’re not alone. It has become increasingly common for apartment renters to have a pet join them when they move into a new apartment. Because of this, many apartment communities have developed pet-friendly environments that offer amenities for both you and your pet. Fenced-in dog parks and walking paths are commonly provided spaces for dogs in most apartment communities. If you are interested in an apartment with a friendly pet policy, there are many options to chose from.

Pet Friendly Apartments Are Everywhere

Good news, pet owners… most apartment communities now offer accommodations for pets! If you are searching for a new apartment but are wary of finding a place that will allow your cat or dog, know that it may be easier than you think. Because of increased demand, many landlords are now offering the option for renters to include a pet as a part of a rental agreement. Renters are typically asked to sign off on a pet policy, agreeing to follow a set of rules in order to keep their pet in an apartment. Included in this policy are guidelines that hold renters responsible for any damage caused by pets. They also commonly include pet size regulations and leash-while-on-property requirements.

While it has become increasingly less complicated to find a community that will allow pets, you might find it difficult to find a spot where having a cat or dog will be free of charge. Communities often charge an entirely separate deposit for a pet and some apartments require an additional monthly fee, as well. It is important to budget a little additional money when you have a pet and are planning to sign a lease.

Understand Your Pet Policy

Pet Policies include specific regulations that are important to read through upon the signing of your lease. In order to understand what you can and can’t do with your pets while renting property you must ask your landlord to provide you with written rules and guidelines. These policies typically contain general information about the rules within the apartment community and they may contain information such as pet-deposit and pricing detail.

If you have a larger dog or a breed that is known to be “aggressive” or “dangerous”, you are liable to be charged an increased fee. Check with each apartment community on their breed restrictions. If you have multiple pets, you will also likely be responsible for paying additional fees per pet. Every community has it’s own variation of these rules which is why it is important to speak to your landlord in order to clarify specifics of the policy before you move in.

What Pet Agreements Often Include:

  • Pet agreement terminates with tenant occupancy termination
(When your lease come to an end, your pet policy does as well) 
  • Tenancy terminates if pet agreement is broken
(Pet Policies are taken seriously and your tenancy can be affected if rules and regulations found in the pet policy are broken)
  • Additional pet fees
(Pet fees are commonly required fees and can be collected monthly from a landlord)
  • Cleaning and repair clause
(Most policies include a cause that stipulates a fine implementation when additional cleaning or repair is required due to a pet)

The key to securing a new apartment is to show up prepared to demonstrate that both you and your pet are sure bets. If you do so, you are sure to find a new home for you and your furry friend with a little effort.