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Apartment Pets: Beyond Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are great, but they aren’t for everyone. Here are a few apartment pets that don’t require as much time and space, but still provide friendly companionship.

Before you adopt a new pet, check your apartment community’s policy in regards to different types of animals. Pets that are notoriously loud, like birds, or those that could pose a health risk, like certain types of reptiles, are usually banned as apartment pets. Once you decide the type of pet that’s best for you, find out whether or not a pet deposit will be required. Click here to read more about pet policies.

Management probably won’t let you have a rabbit or a mini pig in your apartment, but there are plenty of other unique animals who would make excellent apartment pets!

Hands-off Apartment Pets

If you’d rather watch your pets than cuddle them, invest in an aquarium and fill it with beautiful fish. Fish can be mesmerizing, and watching them swim for twenty minutes has been proven to lower stress. While they don’t require nearly as much maintenance as cats or dogs, they do require care. After selecting your fish, research their specific needs in regards to food, tank size, water temperature, and tank companions.

Hermit crabs are another great option. They’re inexpensive, easy to care for, and fun to watch. Hermit crabs are happiest in groups, but they don’t require much space or food. Keep their habitat clean and provide new shells for them to grow into, and they’ll reward you with up to ten years of entertaining companionship.

Cuddle Buddies

If you have a little more spare time and want a hands-on fur baby, there are lots of small animals that would be perfectly happy to live in your apartment. Chinchillas are an excellent choice for people who are away for long hours. They like bouncing around and interacting with people, but prefer to be alone most of the time. Male chinchillas do well in pairs, but females don’t usually get along with each other. They’re very quiet and have no smell, which makes them perfect for apartment living. They do need to be kept on a low sugar diet and require regular dust baths to keep their soft coats healthy. And, they don’t make the best pets for small children.

For a kid friendly option, consider a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are easy going and social. They love to play and aren’t bothered by rambunctious children. Guinea pigs can be kept in pairs or groups. They come in a wide variety of colors. If someone in your home has allergies, a hairless guinea pig may be your perfect pet. Keep them happy with a clean habitat and fresh hay and produce. Guinea pigs can live up to eight years.

If you’re interested in a more exotic apartment pet, look no further than sugar gliders. Sugar gliders are part of the possum family. They bond to their people and any other animals kept in the home. They should be kept in pairs or groups and do require a fairly large habitat. Sugar gliders are nocturnal, so they’re a great option for night owls.

Regardless of which apartment pet you choose, they’ll need regular care and interaction to stay healthy. Click here for ideas on keeping your fur baby happy in a small space.