Tech and Pets: Apps You Need To Be The Best Pet Parent You Can Be

People use apps to track their workouts, schedule appointments, keep in contact with friends and family, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Why not use apps to be the best pet parent you can be? Here are the top five apps you NEED right now!

Vet on Demand.

Okay, this one is pretty cool. Like the name suggest, Vet on Demand allow users to talk to a vet anytime you need! This isn’t a one-size-fits-all app, either. You have options. Pay a monthly fee, pay for a few chats ahead of time, or pay every time you need to speak to a vet. Granted, this could get pricey, but if you need it every now and again, it’s a great option. Especially if your city doesn’t have an emergency vet clinic.


Exercise and stimulus is vital to your pet’s health and happiness. But, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to give them the walk they deserve. That’s where Rover comes in. Rover connects dog owners with a network of sitters and walkers, covering everything from boarding, to drop-in visits, to walking.

My Pet Reminders.

We all have a lot going on. It’s hard to keep track of appointments, when to give medications, and the amount of exercise your pet is getting. Medications can be particularly tricky if you have multiple pets. My Pet Reminders keeps track of this stuff FOR you, making it the perfect app for busy pet parents.

Bring Fido.

Considering traveling with your pet? First of all, bless your heart. Secondly. you need to know where your pet will be welcome BEFORE you hit the road. That’s where Bring Fido comes in. The folks at Bring Fido have done the leg work for you compiling a list of  pet-friendly hotels and restaurants. Yep. That’s a thing.

Dog Park Finder Plus: the app that helps you find dog parks in your area.

People parks are perfectly fine, but it’s important to give your dog the chance to run and burn some energy. We all know what happens when your furbaby isn’t getting the exercise they deserve. Dog parks can be especially beneficial if you live in an apartment and don’t have a backyard. Dog Park Finder Plus, just like the name implies, track all the dog parks in your area and puts them on a handy map.

Before heading to the park, check out our blog covering what you need to know BEFORE you go.

Bonus App:

Neko Atsume.

Sometimes, we think we want a pet, but we know we don’t have the time or resources to give them the life they deserve. Neko Atsume is the pet app for you. Simply put, it’s adorable cartoon cats you have to fake feed. It’s ridiculous and silly, yes, but it’s cheaper than a real cat and it won’t knock your things off the table for no reason at all.

So, whether you’re a pet parent, an aspiring pet parent, or your level of commitment only allows you to care for cartoon cats, you need one, two, or all of these apps.


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