Best Trend Predictions of 2018

Trends come and go and, oftentimes, come back around. 2018 is no exception. This year, it’s all about bold colors, fun patterns, giving yourself the spa treatment, and wabi-sabi. In an apartment, some trends are out of bounds; colorful doors, trendy paint colors, and statement ceilings are a no. The only statement that’ll make is, “I don’t want my security deposit back” and no one wants to say that. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a few of the others.

Patterns. All the patterns.

From bone inlay furniture pieces to terrazzo knick knacks to plants, 2018 is all about patterns.

Bone inlay is gorgeous and adds a bohemian vibe to your place. Whether it be the more traditional bone and black or a bold color, this patterned furniture adds enough texture and interest that the rest of your furniture can be basic.

Terrazzo is very 1970s and so much fun. The base is a neutral color with flecks of bright colors throughout. Vases and bookends are a good, functional ways to add a little ‘70s funk to your apartment.

This year, even the plants have patterns. The rattlesnake plant, for example, is a mix of light and deep greens with an unexpected pop of dark purple, adding interest to any room. Check out your local nursery and see what catches your eye.


Spa bathrooms.

What’s the point of spending all that money on bath bombs, oils, and salts when your bathroom isn’t relaxing? While a full-blown spa bathroom is not possible in an apartment, you can get a spa feel by sticking to neutral tones, splurging on some good towels, and adding a plant or two.

Spas typically use neutral tones because they are so soothing, which is perfect for an apartment. Create an oasis for yourself by bringing in warm wood tones like bamboo and keeping things simple. This allows you to spend more money where it counts. On towels.

You’re an adult. Stop messing around with cheap, threadbare towels. Pro-tip: Bed Bath & Beyond coupons don’t actually expire. Yes, there’s an expiration date on them, but they will almost always honor them. Use the money you save to finish off your new spa with some plants or make this amazing moss bath mat.


Wabi-sabi. Fun to say. Easy to incorporate.

Wabi-sabi, a Japanese style trend, is all about embracing imperfections. Which is perfect! That wonky table you found at a resale shop is no longer wonky; it’s wabi-sabi! Seriously, this trend is so easy to incorporate because anything goes. It’s all about simplicity, bringing a little nature indoors, and not fussing over the details.


Whatever trends you choose to embrace, make them your own. If you’re worried about your small space being overwhelmed with patterns and textures, ease your mind with these small space hacks.