Budget-Friendly Summer Activities For The Whole Family

It’s summer time. The kids are out of school and they’re bored. Summer activities that involve the whole family can get expensive. Here are a few ideas to keep everyone entertained without blowing your budget.

Summer Reading Program

When it comes to summer entertainment on the cheap, the library is your best friend. It’s indoors, it’s free, and they’re pretty much everywhere. Libraries are more than just books. Most offer DVD rentals, audio books, digital downloads, language apps, you can use the computer, and they even have special events to tie into their Summer Reading Programs. So, if it’s been a while since you’ve been to your local library, go check it out (pun intended). You may be surprised at what you find.

Cheap Summer Movies

Movies are a go-to when it comes to entertainment. But, man, are they expensive. By the time you get the tickets and hit the concession stand, you’re looking at a significant chunk of change. Does your town have an older theater? If so, check it out. Sure, the seats may be a little uncomfortable and the floor will, without a doubt, be sticky, but the tickets are half what you’ll pay at the new theater. The best part is, the cheaper theaters are still showing newish movies. So, you can catch the blockbusters between their release and before they’re available on DVD for cheap and you still get the theater experience.

Skating Sessions

Roller skating is alive and well in many parts of the country. Seek out your local skating rink. Skate sessions, especially during the day, are a cheap way to entertain your kiddos for a few hours. Not to mention the overwhelming nostalgia; they smell the same, they have the same terrible carpet, you can still get a pickle sickle if you want, much like the cheap theater, the floor will be sticky. But, they’ve also made some upgrades. Many skating rinks now house sky tubes, rock climbing walls, and even trampolines. There’s something for everyone and you can absolutely still request Atomic Dog and they will play it.

Summer Passes

A lot of places, water parks and amusement parks, for example, offer summer passes. You pay a flat rate and can use the pass as many times as you’d like. If you know you’ll use it, summer passes or family passes can be a huge money saver. Before summer is in full swing, do a little research and find places in your area that offer passes.

Summer Staycation

Maybe a family vacation isn’t in the cards for you this year. That’s okay. Spend some time exploring your home town. We all get in a groove and go to the same places over and over. Check out the other side of town. You may find your new favorite spot. Taking your kids on a tour of their own town may sound silly, but kids are down for pretty much anything, really. Make it fun. Visit historical sites, go grab a snow cone, eat at a restaurant you’ve never been to before, go to a park that isn’t your usual. The possibilities are endless, just keep it fun and the kids will enjoy themselves.

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