Extravagant Gifts For Your Pet And A Few For Yourself

You love your pet. It’s time to let them, and the world, know just how much. We’ve compiled a list of luxury gifts you can buy for your pets. From the mildly extravagant to the down-right ridiculous, these items are sure to make your furbabies feel extra special. For fun, we’ve also thrown in a few custom order items you can get for yourself to show off your pet.

Luxury Foods and Treats

First up, caviar. Yes, you may now buy caviar for your cat. It’s unclear whether it’s any different than regular caviar, but cats seem to especially like the red salmon variety. You can purchase cat caviar from Beverly Hills Caviar or from your favorite caviar retailer; assuming you have one.

If caviar isn’t your cat’s thing, why not spring for some turducken? This turkey, duck, and chicken combo is all the rage in wet cat food. Upgrade your cat’s daily meals or use this as an occasional treat. Either way, your cat will be happy you did.



Specialty Toys

Cats are natural yogis; now your cat can do yoga with you! This cat yoga mat is not only adorable, it also serves as a scratch pad and a toy. As you know, it’s important to keep your cat from getting bored. The more toys they have to play with, the less likely they are to misbehave. This mat will do the trick and, at $24.99, it’s also affordable.




Cat trees can range from basic to custom made. It’s okay to splurge a little when it comes to our pets and, with a custom item, you’re sure to have something that marries seamlessly with your style.





Designer Labels

Did you know major designers such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Gucci have specialty lines for dogs? Well, they do; carriers allow you to tote your little dogs in style and collars will make sure your dog is looking on point.


Extravagant Bedding

Okay, so, designer collars and bags may be a bit ridiculous, but dog bedding is actually pretty important. Older dogs especially may not be able to get comfortable on the floor or a cheap bed. Springing for a quality bed is worth it. Lucky Pet Bed has just the thing. It’s so fancy!


Higher quality, more stylish dog beds, aside from being better for your best friend, also mesh well with your stuff. It’s not quite as obvious that you have a giant dog bed in the corner when it’s as beautiful as this one.


Paw Balms

Paw balms could be considered a necessity rather than a luxury. Protecting your pet’s paws from the heat and cold is important. There are several products out there geared toward paw health. Keep in mind, some are made for Winter and others for Summer, the ingredients are quite different. So, make sure you double check before you buy. And, dogs spend a lot of time with their feet in their mouth; if you have a question about any of the ingredients, be sure to ask your vet before applying the balm.

Treat Yourself

Etsy abounds with artists and craftsmen who can’t wait to make you a customized item to show how much you love your pet. Or go all in with Pop Your Pup. Simply upload your favorite picture of your pup and they’ll put it on a shirt or a canvas.