Spring is Coming: How To Add a Spring Vibe To Your Decor

Winter is coming to an end and Spring will be here before you know it. So, how can you easily and affordably add a Spring vibe to your place? Adding accent pieces in this season’s trending colors is a start. Or you can keep it simple with flowers and fragrances.

Color Trends.

The days of using several shades of pastels to welcome Spring are over. This year it’s all about adding a trending color to your existing neutrals and darker tones like greys, browns, and woods.


Lavender has been living in Millennial pink’s shadow for the last few years. Not anymore. This light purple hue is taking over in a big way. The best part is, you can add a few accent pieces here and there and call it done. It pairs well with all the neutrals and, surprisingly, goes well with bolder shades like emerald green, deep red, and aubergine.

If you do go lavender, it’s best to steer clear of pinks and other pastels. It’s easy to go from elegant and chic to Barbie Dream House. Stop before you hit Barbie level; unless that’s your style. If so, go for it.


Pastels, pinks, and lavender are not for everyone. Thankfully, there is another option. Mustard is making a splash this season. As with the condiment, you can use a little or a lot depending on your taste. Like lavender, mustard works with neutrals, especially greys, and wood tones; perfect for an apartment. But, unlike lavender, mustard is more versatile.

Mustard not only works with neutrals and woods, but it also works with, stay with me, pastels and pinks. Yep. Mustard and mint green, if done right, are beautiful together. It’s surprising in the best way possible. As for pinks, the darker and more magenta the tone, the better it’s going to play off the mustard.

Mustard doesn’t just play well with others in the Springtime; traditionally an Autumn shade, you can use it in your Fall palette as well.

Flowers and Fragrances.

Despite following all these space saving tips, it’s hard to find enough room for seasonal décor when living in an apartment. Or, maybe you don’t have the extra cash for accent pieces. It’s okay. Using flowers and Springy fragrances can have the same effect as a décor overhaul.


Flowers are the least expensive, most efficient, and most obvious choice when transitioning into Spring. Spending a few bucks on a bouquet or two featuring in-season blooms will spruce up the room and add a Spring vibe without changing anything else. Oh, and feel free to bring in those trending colors. Yellow wild flowers with pink peonies would be both stunning and sweet. Mix actual lavender with some bright yellows for a fun, fragrant bouquet.


Simply swapping out those cinnamon apple and baked cookie scents for fresh linen or fragrances like orange, lemongrass, and lavender will evoke Spring throughout your home. Change out that Scentsy or add a new oil to your diffuser. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own oil combinations. Lavender oil with rosemary or eucalyptus are both lovely combinations. If you have pets, please research which oils are safe for your furry friend as some are poisonous to dogs and cats.


Using these easy tricks, you’ll have your place ready for Spring in no time.