Looking for the Perfect Vet? Apps Can Help

Finding the perfect health care professional is important. The same is true for your pet. Finding the right vet can be a challenge. Using apps can narrow the search and make the process so much easier.  Apps like Vet Finder, Vet Locator, and Vet on Demand are valuable resources every pet owner should use.

Vet Finder

VetFinder is pretty cool; it’s used to find veterinarians in your area. And, once you find the perfect one, you can save them to your favorites. VetFinder sends alerts when office hours have changed, special holiday hours, and when new services, such as grooming and boarding, are added. You can customize your profile, leaving notes about your vet, their staff, and their office. Maybe you have a nervous dog who does better with one tech over another, make note of that and mention it when you call to make an appointment.

Going on vacation and taking your pet with you? Find a vet ahead of time and save their info in case you have a pet emergency.

VetFinder is available in the Google Play Store and on iTunes.

Vet Locator

Vet Locator is similar to VetFinder, but it offers a few more alternatives, such as holistic practitioners and veterinarians who make house calls, if that’s your jam. Holistic vets are likely to offer drug-free solutions to separation or storm-related anxiety. For non-drug options to help your pet stay calm, check out this blog.

Vet on Demand

Unlike VetFinder and Vet Locator, Vet on Demand isn’t free. Vet on Demand is exactly what it sounds like; use the app to talk to a vet at anytime. Available on both Android and iOS, you have two payment options; subscribe for $9.95 a month or pay $40 for every fifteen minutes of talk time with a veterinarian.

Emergency Clinics

Even if you aren’t in the market for the perfect veterinarian, you still need to do a little research. Does your city have an emergency clinic? If so, get familiar with it. Most of them charge a fee just for bringing your pet in. The fee has to be paid before they’ll treat your pet so be prepared when you take them in. If your city doesn’t have an emergency clinic, use one of the apps listed above to find the closest one.

Flip it and Reverse it

The professionals need apps, too! Vet2Pet is an app designed by vets for vets. With Vet2Pet, you can connect to your clients quickly and easily. Send breed specific notifications, create a brand for your clinic, and make use of the PetSync platform. Veterinarians are unique in that their patients can’t tell them what’s wrong. Encourage your clients to use PetSync to record when medications are being administered, when and what their pet is eating, and how often they get exercised. The two platforms can be integrated; it’s the closest you’ll ever get to a patient/doctor consultation!

Technology is simply another tool we have at our disposal to be the best pet parents we can be; make use of these apps to make your life much easier.

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