Looking to Make Some Extra Cash?

Whether you’re looking to pad your wallet a little, save some money for a vacation, or trying to pay off some bills, every one could use some extra cash. We’ve compiled a list of legit ways to increase your cash flow.

Cash For Things You Aren’t Using

We all have things lying around that we really don’t need.  And, especially in an apartment, space is precious. Sure, you can donate some things, but why not get a little extra cash for your items that are still in good shape? There are plenty of sites out there, eBay and LetGo, just to name a couple, that allow you to list your items and pass them along to someone who needs or wants them. It’s a win/win. Then, whatever doesn’t sell, you can donate to your favorite charity.

Sell Your Old Clothes For Cash

When you do your next closest clean out, don’t just throw your clothes in a garbage bag and take them to Goodwill. Your old clothes may be someone else’s treasures. Poshmark is a great site to get rid of clothes, especially if they’re name brand. We all have those jeans or yoga pants or fancy tops we thought we’d love that just did not work out. Rather than giving it away, list it. Poshmark is easy to use; simply create an account, create the listing, and snap a few pictures. Sure, Poshmark keeps a portion, but this is stuff you were planning on giving away anyway!

Teaching English To Kids

This sounds like a scam. It’s not. Companies like VipKid will pay native English speakers up to $22 an hour to teach English to children. And you don’t even need a teaching certificate to do it. Work a little or work a lot, it’s totally up to you.

Get Paid To Write

Do you fancy yourself an author? Or do you just like writing about certain topics? Websites will pay you for original content! Check out this list (that someone was paid to compile) of sites that will pay good money for good content.

List Your Place on Air B&B

Air B&B is a great way to make a little cash. If you own your place, great. List away. If, however, you are a renter, you may need to get permission from your landlord or property manager before you list. And, keep in mind, you will be held responsible for damages, not the person you rented to. All that said, if you live in a cool, touristy city, it can be a great way to make some extra cash.  Traveling this summer? Keep Air B&B in mind.

Apartment Magz Sweepstakes

Of all our suggestions, this one is the easiest. You simply fill out a form. The best part is, there’s a new $500.00 winner every month. Click here to enter for your chance to win.

So, whether you’re looking for some quick cash or a part-time writing gig, we’ve got you covered.