The Portable Smart Apartment: Tech You Can Take With You

As a renter, you’re already making smart financial decisions. As with your other tech, your security, smart lighting and thermostats, and locks are portable. Meaning, you can take them with you when you move.

Being portable is key.

We’ve already covered, at length, the devices required to make a your apartment smart:

  • A security system you simply plug in. For more information on the security systems, check out SimpliSafe. Of the sites we researched, they seemed to have the most options.
  • Locks that are installed with ease in place of a traditional deadbolt.
  • Thermostats that allow you to control your environment from anywhere.
  • Lights you can control with your phone.

These easy to use and reasonably priced devices are more than just convenience; they offer a sense of security to your space.

We’ve also discussed the difference between Google Home and Amazon Echo devices.

But, what about when you move?

One of the benefits of renting is not being financially responsible for maintenance issues; therefore, it may seem counter intuitive to spend your own money making improvements on a place that, doesn’t belong to you. The difference here is, everything is portable; you can take it all with you if and when you move.

Strike a bargain.

If you are ready for an upgrade or simply don’t feel like changing out lights and the thermostat, try talking to your landlord or property manager. Explain to them the benefits of  your smart devices. Show them utility bills proving your devices have saved you money. Smart apartments are popping up all over the country; show your manager the value in having these devices. They might just buy them from you. It’s worth a shot!

If it’s a no-go, be sure to replace the fixtures you stored carefully when you replaced them with your smart devices and, because your things are portable, pack them up and install at your new place.


Feeling safe and comfortable in your space is important for physical and mental well-being, portable smart technology allows you to have that sense of security where your home may be.