A Statement Wall: How To Say A Lot Without Losing Your Deposit

A statement wall is a great way to make an impact. But, if you live in an apartment, you’re limited in your decor choices. Because you want that security deposit back, right? Thankfully, macrame, tapestries, and wallpaper are back in a big way and they’re here to save the statement wall day.

Macrame! It’s MacraMAZING!

Macrame was all the rage in the ’70s; it’s officially made a comeback in a big way. As in, the macrame pieces springing up on Pinerest are huge. Giant, elaborate statement pieces that, if you can tie a knot, you could easily make yourself. Or, head to Etsy. There are literally hundreds of artists out there selling large macrame pieces that will definitely add a dramatic flare to any wall.  We’ve come a long way from the planter hangers your aunt made. But, hey, those are trending as well. So, check out your local antique mall. I guarantee you’ll find some awesome macrame pieces for next to nothing.

Wall Tapestries.

Like macrame, wall tapestries were all the rage and they’ve come back around. The great thing about tapestries is, they aren’t nearly as heavy as a print and, when it’s time to move, you can easily fold and pack them. To hang, you can use a dowel rod and string situation or, better yet, if you aren’t sure exactly where you want it, use an old wooden ladder as a display. This way, you can simply prop the ladder against your wall and drape the tapestry over the rungs. Old ladders are also great for blanket display or storage.

Wallpaper. Paper your walls without actually papering your wall.

Okay, this is not your momma’s wallpaper. The wallpaper of 2018 is chic and beautiful. The problem is, you can’t actually apply it to the walls if you are renting. Not if you want that deposit back. The solution? Frames. Get you some wallpaper and frame it. Big wooden frames can be pretty inexpensive. And, you can paint them any color you like. Or, get some ornate frames from an antique, thrift store, or even a yard sale.

So, whether it’s macrame or wallpaper, it’s possible to add a statement wall to your space without losing your deposit.

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