Staycation: The relaxing, affordable alternative to hectic summer vacations

A staycation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an indulgent vacation. But, when done correctly, it could end up being your favorite way to spend your time off!

Set a Staycation Budget

Approach your staycation the same way you’d approach a traditional vacation. Determine how much money you can spend, and prioritize how you want to spend it. Check Groupon and other discount sites to get the most for your money.

Catch Up on Hobbies, Not Housework

Clean and organize your apartment before your staycation begins, so you aren’t tempted to spend your time off on housework. Use your time at home to relax. Catch up on books you’ve been meaning to read, binge watch that television show everyone’s been taking about, or have a classic family movie marathon with your kids. Indulge in a DIY spa day, or try your hand at an arts and crafts project to create a staycation souvenir. And, don’t be afraid to do nothing at all! Order takeout and spend the day reading clickbait in bed, if that’s what sounds most relaxing to you!

Take in Local Art and History

Spend some time getting to know your city. Take a self-guided tour of the local historical sites or spend a day wandering around a museum. See a play at a local theater or a movie in a nearby park. Concerts and open mic nights are also great ways to take in the local culture. Let everyone in your family choose at least one activity and learn more about each other’s interests. Visit the website of your city’s chamber of commerce or tourism boards for a schedule of events coinciding with your staycation.

Pig Out!

Trying new restaurants and indulging in off-diet treats are two of the best parts of going on vacation. That doesn’t have to change just because you’re staying home. Browse sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor for new dining options in your area. To stretch your budget, visit more expensive restaurants during lunch, when prices are significantly cheaper.

Splurging on staycation food doesn’t have to mean eating every meal at a restaurant. Support small businesses and indulge at home! Pick up fresh bread and pastries from a local bakery, then stop by an artisanal market for gourmet options like spreads, cheeses, smoked meats, and unique pickles. Butcher shops and delis are great places to find homemade food, wrapped and ready for you to take home. Enjoy all your favorites without having to cook or clean up a huge mess.

Give Back

Helping others can be incredibly rewarding. Consider spending a portion of your staycation volunteering. Pick a charity or cause that’s close to your heart, and see how you can help! Organize a book drive for an area literacy center, walk dogs at your local shelter, or stop by a nursing home and visit with the residents. If you have children, get them involved, too!

Looking for ways to pad your staycation budget? Click here for ideas!