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Summer Pet Products: Keep Your Fur Babies Cool as Temperatures Rise

Summer heat poses an incredible risk to fur babies. They have a built-in fur coat and don’t sweat to cool themselves. This increases their risk of having a heat stroke. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep them cooped up in your air conditioned apartment all summer long. Here are a few products to help them beat the summer heat.

Keeping Fur Babies Cool at Home

Grooming is the best first step in keeping your dog or cat comfortable as the temperatures rise. But, regular trips to the pet salon can become a costly hassle. Invest in the right tools to do the job at home. If your fur baby has short hair, all you will need is a quality pet brush like the Furminator. Regular brushings will keep your pet cool and your apartment hair free. Longer haired pets will need regular trims. You can get a great pair of clippers for less than the cost of one trip to the groomer. Leave their hair a little longer on their last trim to make sure their coat is back in time for winter!

The more air circulating around your pet, the less likely they’ll be to overheat. Put an elevated pet bed on your balcony or patio to give your dog a cool spot to relax outside. If your cat likes to spend time outdoors, buy or DIY a cat hammock for them to lounge in. On those days when your air conditioner struggles against the heat, bring the elevated bed inside and place a pet cooling mat on top.

Keeping your pet hydrated is another important step in keeping them cool. A chilled bowl will help them cool off during the heat of the day. Keep in mind that cats need more water than dogs. A pet fountain is a great way to make sure they have water available at all times.

Keeping Fur Babies Cool on the Go

Hydration and ventilation are just as important on the go as they are at home. Always pack water and a drinking bowl when you leave your apartment with your pets. Mesh and wire mesh travel carriers will allow cooling breezes to circulate around your fur baby. If you opt for wire mesh, add a carrier cooling fan for maximum comfort.

Hot pavement and sand can scald and damage your pet’s feet. Before you take them on an outdoor adventure, protect them with lightweight socks or pad protectors. Pad conditioning balm will also help prepare your dogs and cats for contact with hot surfaces. And remember, your pets need sunscreen, too! Human sunscreen can irritate your pet’s skin, so opt for one designed with them in mind. Add a cooling bandana or vest to keep your fur baby comfortable during extended outdoor activities.

Heavy panting is the first sign that your pet is getting overheated. If it starts, move them to a cool, quiet area and offer them water. Keep them calm and still until their breathing slows to normal, then take them home. Cooling them too quickly causes its own set of problems, so never ice an overheated pet. If your fur baby vomits or becomes lethargic after heat exposure, contact your vet immediately.

Fleas and ticks also pose a huge health risk to your fur baby during the summer. Click here for ways to keep them pest free.