traveling with pets

Traveling With Pets: Your fur baby deserves a vaction, too!

Traveling with pets may seem like a hassle, but with a little preparation your fur baby can enjoy your summer vacation, too!

Traveling With Pets by Air

Many airlines have affordable options for flying with your fur baby. Smaller pets are allowed in the cabin, while larger pets fly in the plane’s cargo hold. Do your research before buying your tickets to find the option that works best for you. Regardless of the airline you choose, you will need an airline approved pet carrier and a health certificate from your vet that clears your pet for travel.

Be aware that cargo areas aren’t temperature controlled. Schedule morning or evening flights to make sure your pet is comfortable during the trip. Direct flights are recommended, when possible. Make sure your pet’s carrier is lined with absorbent material in case they have an accident during the flight. Keep collapsible food and water bowls in your carry-on so you can feed and hydrate your fur baby as soon as you land.

Fur Baby Road Trips

Traveling with pets by car calls for a little planning. Look for animal friendly parks and rest stops along your route. Schedule a stop every two to three hours to allow your pet time to eat, exercise, and go to the bathroom. Keep dogs and cats leashed at all stops.

Pets are always safest in a secure travel kennel. If a kennel is not an option for your fur baby, invest in a seatbelt attachment that connects to your pet’s harness. Unsecured pets are more likely to both cause accidents and be inured in them.


More and more hotels are starting to allow pets. Some require a deposit, while others charge a non-refundable fee. Policies regarding the type and size of pets allowed vary greatly, so do your research before you book your room. Look for hotels that offer pet-sitting services to free you up for a few non-pet-friendly activities.

Packing For Your Pet

Regardless of how you’re traveling, there are some basic essentials your pet will need on vacation. Use this checklist when packing for your pet:

  • Food- If space is a concern, pack enough for the journey and buy a larger supply when you’ve reached your destination.
  • Medication- Homeopathic remedies for travel anxiety and motion sickness are widely available at pet shops. If your fur baby has a history of severe symptoms, visit your vet for prescription medication.
  • Food and water dishes.
  • Flea and tick treatments- Pack a fast acting treatment like Capstar in case your pet is exposed to pests at a park or rest stop.
  • Vaccination records- Records may be required for dog parks, animal daycares, or pet spas.
  • Your vet’s contact information, as well as the address and phone number of a twenty-four hour vet clinic near your vacation destination.
  • Your pet’s favorite blanket and toys.
  • Basic first aid kit– Pack essentials like Benadryl, gauze, antibiotic ointment, and peroxide.

Before your trip, download a few pet apps to make sure you’re prepared for any surprises!