Wabi-Sabi: it’s trending, it’s easy, it’s fun to say

Wabi-sabi is the Japanese tradition of embracing imperfect, bringing nature indoors, and surrounding yourself with things that make you comfy. Wabi-sabi is definitely trending this year. The good news is, it’s easy to do and won’t break the bank.

Wabi-Sabi: How does it work?

Wabi-sabi is rooted in Zen Buddhism. The decorating style, similar to the Danish Hygge, is all about embracing imperfections and surrounding yourself with natural, simple items that bring you joy. The beauty of wabi-sabi is, it takes the stress out of decorating. Literally anything goes. That scratched up table you’ve had since college is totally fine. Embrace those scratches; they tell a story. Chipped bowls, frayed rugs, wonky chair legs, if these items make you happy, keep them. The philosophy behind wabi-sabi is simplicity and happiness. And, really, your home should be a place of joy.

So, now that you know what it is, how can you incorporate it into your life?

Bring the outdoors in.

Nature itself is full of imperfections, making plants, wood elements, and water features a natural fit when it comes to wabi-sabi. Plants are trending like crazy; adding a few in your space may be enough to achieve that wabi-sabi feel. The addition of wood and water can take it one step further. Wood elements can be as simple as a shelf, picture frame, or literally bringing in a piece of drift wood you found outside. It’s really that simple. Water elements can be a little more difficult, but, again, this is your space. If you find water calming, by all means, bring it inside!

Wabi-Sabi is all about keeping it simple.

Because it’s main focus is simplicity and comfort, wabi-sabi is different for everyone. It’s best to not overthink it. Start small and add a few plants. Or maybe purchase some pieces of handmade art or pottery can give you a rustic, wabi-sabi vibe. Homemade items are never, ever perfect and no two are the same. Some people see that as a flaw, but wabi-sabi is seeing the beauty in these imperfect, unique items. And you’ll be supporting a local artist while you’re at it.

To give this decorating trend a try without spending a dime, try rearranging what you already have. And, if a piece isn’t serving a purpose or bringing you joy, get rid of it. Keeping your space chill by embracing those imperfect pieces that you love, hanging on to things that hold sentimental value and eliminating those items that don’t bring you joy, and bringing a little bit of the outdoors in will help you unwind from a stressful day and fill you with happiness and gratitude.

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