wedding season

Wedding Season Survival Guide

Wedding season is upon us and brings with it extra expenses for everyone involved. Here are a few tips for surviving the season without breaking your budget!


Wedding gifts can put a huge strain on your summer budget. With a little planning, you can alleviate some of the financial stress. Find out where the bride and groom are registered, then purchase discounted store gift cards online. Websites like Raise offer unwanted gift cards for up to seventy-five percent off the valued amount. Do a quick Google search for coupon codes available for the selected store. Enter the codes during checkout, then pay with your discounted cards for maximum savings.

To minimize the financial hit during wedding season, purchase your gifts as soon as the registries are available. The more affordable items usually get bought first. If you pull up a registry and find that only high priced items are left, ask a few other guests if they’d like to go in with you on a gift.

When purchasing a gift is completely out of your budget, consider gifting the couple with your time or talents. If your skill set includes stunning flower arrangements, offer to do the centerpieces for the reception. Does the couple have fur babies? Offer to pet sit while they’re on their honeymoon.


Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular, but travel and lodging expenses rack up fast. Plan ahead and put your frequent flier miles and credit card points to use. The bride and groom will likely reserve a block of rooms at their hotel of choice, but don’t feel obligated to stay there if you can’t afford it. Look for an affordable alternative in close proximity to the ceremony and celebrations.

The best way to save money attending a destination wedding is to travel in a group, especially if the wedding is within reasonable driving distance. Split gas money and hotel costs with a few friends to lighten the financial burden.

Wedding Season Wardrobe

Men can get through wedding season with a single suit and alternating shirts and ties. It’s a little more complicated for women, especially if the guest lists of multiple weddings overlap. Renting is a great way to stock your wedding wardrobe without making a huge financial commitment. Sites like Rent the Runway offer designer clothing rentals for a fraction of the retail cost.

In retail, wedding season isn’t the first formal season of the year: prom season is. Visit the discount racks of area department stores in late May and early June to stock your wedding wardrobe. Consignment stores are also great places to find high end clothing for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or family member who wears the same size as you, go shopping together. Look for pieces that fit and flatter both of you, and swap throughout the season.

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